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The Samsung SMART CAMERA NX is a experience-oriented catalog App which lets you experience everything you see and feel with its unique NX value. From the latest product information on the Samsung SMART CAMERA NX System to beautiful sample photos, videos and more.

This App not only delivers information on Samsung’s latest SMART CAMERA NX30 and its advanced features such as hybrid AF system and its greater clarity and speed of 1/8000 sec shutter speed, but also delivers all the information on professional-level NX Lens system that can be utilized in taking variety of photos and videos.

The Samsung SMART CAMERA NX System leads you to a new lifestyle with the world's first built-in Wi-Fi capability that makes quick and easy image sharing possible.

Check out its powerful shooting performance with the 20.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor as well as smart features like Photo Beam and Autoshare.

The Samsung SMART CAMERA NX is also full of interesting and useful information which lets you experience the Samsung SMART CAMERA NX such as NX Lens Finder feature which recommends the most suitable lens depending on the subject of your photography, NX Combination feature which lets you virtually combine different NX series cameras and lenses in various combination.

1) Main Features

• NX Photo Album:

You can see various sample photos taken with the Samsung SMART CAMERA NX system, view product TV ads and sample videos.

• Products Information:

It provides characteristics and designs of the Samsung SMART CAMERA NX system, compatibility information, sample photos and more.

• NX Combination:

You can select the cameras and lens to your preference and combine it virtually and check the sample photos taken with the combined product.

• NX Lens Finder:

Through a simple series of questions, it recommends the most suitable lens depending on the subject of your photography among various the NX lenses.

• Fan Pages:

You can check the official social media channels of the Samsung SMART CAMERA, mobile application information and link.

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